Open Call

The UNESCO and The LiiV Center Partnership activities in 2022 are centered around knowledge development, awareness-raising and experimentation to strengthen the position of digital anthropology as an approach to understanding humanity in the digital age.

The Partnership invites experts and practitioners from disciplines related to digital anthropology to present their perspectives concerning the project’s core questions, collaborating to understand how human communities and societies are interacting with and shaped by digital technologies and how they can become more ethical and inclusive.


The themes of the Call For Evidence and Ideas

(1) Innovative methods and tools of Digital Anthropology

(2) Teaching of innovations in Digital Anthropology

(3) Contribution of Digital Anthropology to more ethical and inclusive societies

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The Partnership invites you to submit your expert perspective, experience or research on the themes and questions of your choice in the form of a thought piece, article or research paper. These contributions will be published and referenced within the project's Toolkit Publication and activities.

Open Call

To contribute, please register using the link below. The deadline for submissions is Friday 29 July 2022.

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