Mentors & Volunteers needed!

We also have a number of opportunities to get more deeply involved in the Design Challenges as a mentor or volunteer, where you would be able to work more closely with global teams and take a deep dive into the creative process. Email us here ( Volunteers: We’re looking for champions around the world who can help our small but mighty team coordinate with local participating teams across time zones. If you are interested in joining our volunteer team to support your local area, please let us know.  Mentors: We are looking for experts in the following areas to advise local teams virtually. If you have proven experience in any of these areas and are interested in mentoring a team please let us know.
  • digital anthropology
  • quantitative ethnography
  • Blending thick + big data 
  • Interdisciplinary courses & curriculum: human science + data sciences. 
If you are interested in taking part either as an individual, as a team, or simply want to find out more then